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The world knows that Las Vegas is much more colorful and alive at night. It will be such a shame that your property cannot live to that expectation. A dull, especially a no-light landscape at night is a big no-no in this city. If that's exactly how your landscape is, then you've got a problem. But that is a problem that can be easily solved by installing outdoor lighting.

Benefits of Lights at Night

Outdoor Lighting The art of night-scaping is gaining popularity simply because everyone wants to take full advantage of a beautiful landscape.

We've seen how lights can change the ambiance of any outdoor area. It can be achieved by properly using appropriate outdoor lighting products. For instance, a tree will be a lot more noticeable with downlighting. Consider that mysterious appeal for the classic Greek-inspired statue with uplighting. Don't forget giving attention to specific objects, like plants or a mural, with accent lighting. Shadow lighting can also create a dramatic effect around an area when properly installed.

Abundant lights at night — even if they're soft enough to be romantic — can scare away burglars and intruding animals. Lights also light up the way from an entrance to, say, a patio or a pool. And if these places have lights, it's possible to have a party all nightlong.

Different Landscape Lightings

The most important thing is to properly and strategically install outdoor lighting fixtures. At Luxury Landscapes, we are well experienced in doing this job. We use different types of lighting to ensure that your landscape will greatly improve its functionality and aesthetics.

For example, we use path lights to light up pathways, like walkways or stepping stones. They can be mounted inside the structure, creating that glowing light. And the common is a two-foot fixture that focuses its lights on a ground, giving you a safe and dramatic entrance.

The mentioned mounted outdoor lighting is called in-ground, and it can be used around decks or patios, giving that glow that seems to be coming from the ground. This type is also appropriate for stairs or steps. It won't clutter up the space but will sit quietly there, serving its purpose.

Outdoor Lighting If you have water features, it's also best to enhance them with the underwater outdoor lighting. The glowing light from an unusual spot is interesting in itself. Besides, such features deserve to have such a special attention.

Patios and other outdoor living spaces will be a lot more useful with wall bracket lights around. They don't only light up a place but also add more appeal since the fixtures are designed to impress.

Spotlights are best for illuminating and creating silhouettes for trees. Hiding light bulbs is better, though, for bushes, while flowering plants will be complemented well with a spread or diffuse outdoor lighting.

Reliable Outdoor Lighting Installation

It's best to plan what kind of lighting effects you want for an area. Whatever it is, we surely have the perfect fixture for that. Our dedicated staff can help you choose which type or style will work best to carry out the plan. And we don't just have any fixtures here — we have top-notch lights.

With Luxury Landscapes, creating a magnificent view at night in your Las Vegas landscape is possible with our finest outdoor lighting fixtures and certified installers.

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