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Las Vegas may not be as humid as tropical places. But it's dry enough for tropical landscapes. In fact, this theme is just perfect for "The Entertainment Capital of the World." Why not? This landscape design is rugged yet elegant, warm but cool, and unique but popular.

Characteristics of a Tropical Landscape

Tropical Landscapes Say "tropical" and the images of bungalows, stones, waterfalls, trees, flowers, and nature will come to mind. In short, tropical is synonymous to paradise, just like the breathtaking landscapes that can only be found in Africa and Asia. The mere look of the entire place will immediately cool down an otherwise hot day or warm up an otherwise cold night.

Imagination and that desire of creating paradise in your property are enough to start the process. But to take it to the next step, you'll need someone like Luxury Landscapes.

Plants for Tropical-Themed Landscape

It's not typical but a must for tropical landscapes to have plants. But you don't choose just any plant as not all will give that tropical ambiance. A maple tree, for instance, is more of a Western-inspired concept. Choose palm or banana trees instead. The sight of palm trees is enough to give it a beach look. Of course, coconut trees are better for that touch of Mediterranean. Banana trees, with their large leaves, will certainly add a warm appeal for a landscape.

Bamboos may not be classified as trees, but they're long and beautiful enough to catch attention. Adding flowers that are common in a tropical environment, like Hibiscus, Algerian Ivy, and Peacock Ginger will certainly complete the design for tropical landscapes. Anything of these varieties will also be good choices.

There are more plants to choose from. We'll help you choose plants that, when added to a landscape, will instantly give it that tropical aura.

Features of a Tropical Landscape

Tropical Landscapes Besides the proper choosing of plant, tropical landscapes also need water features. A pool is a common choice, because besides its cool appeal, it is also a great place to have fun with family and friends even under the hot sun. But if the budget or the space doesn't allow it, then choose something smaller like a spa. Waterfalls and ponds are a lot less expensive yet will satisfy that need for water presence.

Also, choice on hardscape material should be carefully thought of. We recommend the use of natural stones and boulders to create an environment similar to tropical areas. Instead of concrete benches, you can opt for wooden furniture pieces. There are more features that can be added to this landscape theme. We can add more depending on the capability of your area.

Making It a Real Tropical Paradise

There is more to just using these plants and features to having tropical landscapes. You need experts to craft them. Without thoughtful plan of how to arrange them and experienced landscape artists, the paradise will only be a project disaster.

With Luxury Landscapes, your dream tropical experience will be realized with our tropical landscape designs. We have creative designers who are well experienced in different landscape designs and themes.

Not all landscape contractors in Las Vegas can provide the same quality of service and outstanding designs when it comes to creating tropical designed landscapes. So call us now.

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  • Spring Valley, NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Whitney, NV
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