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An ideal soil for a successful planting contains 20% of clay, 40% of silt, and 40% of sand. Soil in Las Vegas is very far from perfect. In fact, there are some areas in the state where plants can't grow well. Although soil can be tamed, it would be a lot cheaper, easier, and better to go for xeriscapes.

What is Xeriscapes?

Xeriscapes Xeri in xeriscaping comes from a Greek word that means "dry." Therefore, it is a dry landscaping. It's a special technique that aims to eliminate or, at least, substantially lower down the landscape's dependency on water. The idea came from Denver, but it's too good that it's now followed all over the world, especially in dry places like Nevada.

It just makes sense — conserving water without compromising outdoor aesthetics. Xeriscapes have to use special plants that can thrive well in an area. Usually, these are native plants. This type of landscape also uses other materials for covering soil, like pebbles, slates, or pavers, rather than grasses.

This landscaping technique offers a lot of advantages aside from the obvious that it lowers consumption of water. It will also require less time and energy to maintain. It can even be more visually appealing than grass-covered lawns.

Xeriscaping for Las Vegas Landscapes

It's a shame not to consider water conservation when landscaping, especially in a place as dry as Las Vegas. It's a dry land and converting it into something it is not can be very expensive, laborious, and maintenance demanding.

Xeriscapes Luckily, Las Vegas doesn't need to suffer dry, boring landscape. With xeriscapes, your backyard or commercial outdoors can have an interesting scene without compromising aesthetics and function.

Experts know that when choosing plants, they have to abide to a specific zoning by USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. The Vegas Valley is Zone 9, which means that it has about 20° to 30oF of minimum temperature annually. Sometimes, it can fall even lower. But take note that there are also some areas that are excluded from Zone 9.

Of course, desert plants are perfectly welcome to thrive in Las Vegas xeriscapes. And what are these plants exactly? Flowering plants include Oleander, Red Yucca, and Blue Chaste Tree. Add to the list the Red Bird of Paradise, Texas Ranger, Crape Myrtle, desert willow, Yellow Bells, and Lantana. And these plants are only a fraction of what you can get for the purpose of xeriscaping.

Luxury Landscapes and Xeriscapes

Everyone agrees that xeriscaping is a guilt-free landscaping technique. It doesn't compromise the environment and doesn't demand your precious time, while providing a unique transformation of a backyard. And this is possible if you let Luxury Landscapes handle the design and installation of your xeriscape.

We offer only the finest landscaping materials on the market so that homeowners will get nothing but the best for their outdoors. Virtually, all the things you need to complete a xeriscaping project are all in one place, giving you convenience and varied options. We also have expert landscapers who can work on this type of landscape.

So whether it's for xeriscapes or other kinds of landscape, Luxury Landscapes is the only company to trust in Las Vegas.

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